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The Best Leg Locker you have never heard of: 'Lil' Gokor
Written by Justin Rodriguez on Oct 02 2018
Left to Right: Greg Ambaryan, Gokor Chivichyan, Jovany Varela, Karen Darabedyan
Greg, 'Lil Gokor', Ambaryan is a Hayastan Black Belt under the Notorious Master Gokor Chivichyan. Not only is he an active on the Professional Grappling Scene, he is also the current 180lbs Champion for Sparta Combat League in Las Vegas Nevada. More impressive than his resume, this kid is only ...
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GGG v Canelo 2
Canelo wins with the Judges, 
GGG wins with the Internet
Written by Justin Rodriguez on Sept 15 2018
GGG v Canelo 2 was an instant classic. These two masters of boxing went to war, each trying to show why they deserve the title of best Middle Weight in the World. Canelo was able to inch out the decision in what many believe was the final, and deciding round ...
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Daniel Cormier v Brock Lesnar
UFC teases a monster fight!
Written by Justin Rodriguez on July 10 2018
UFC 226 was a stacked event, culminating in Daniel Cormier knocking out Stipe Miocic for the Heavy Weight Title, and making him only the second man to be able to hold two belts consecutively in the UFC. Let’s not make small of this feat...
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